Human resources
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Drees & Sommer is a service provider company. These services are provided by people – our employees. Therefore all of our activities as an employer are focused on people. We assume the responsibility of ensuring that the people in our group of companies are given the space that allows them to contribute their competence and support our success.


Creating excitement among clients
We are not happy if our clients are merely satisfied. We create excitement among our clients, and therefore have the opportunity to always work together on new assignments. We meet our clients at eye level from the beginning – building partnerships. Of course we are also willing to address unpleasant issues, and in this context draw on an internal partnership that is available worldwide on short notice, and which is open, transparent and effective.

Being flexible
Even if they look similar at first glance, no two building projects are the same. This means that we are required to manage many different assignments. As a result, our employees take on two roles – they are the proven specialists in their field, but also flexible enough to address each client on an individual basis. To this end, we have the ability to converse in at least two languages (German and English), and are ready to take on international challenges.

Critical and innovative
Curiosity and openness to new ideas are important factors for being able to offer truly optimum solutions to our clients. In this context, we are required to look behind the scenes, and to scrutinise existing definitions and customary processes and procedures. Only innovative thinking produces unexpected solutions that create excitement among clients.

We are success-oriented when it comes to the success of our clients. We can only be successful if our clients are successful. Therefore we always work in a solution-oriented manner. That can't work? There is no such thing!


Our clients expect a lot from us. And rightly so: Drees & Sommer is the market leader in the German-speaking region, and clients can expect excellent advisory services dedicated to the success of our clients.

To guarantee this high standard, we place great emphasis on a well-educated and highly-qualified workforce. To this end, employees of the Drees & Sommer Group have access to a comprehensive professional development programme: The company's own professional development academy by employees for employees, training for the development of social and personality competence or methodology – our employees receive the support they need.

The internal professional development programme by us and for us – with one goal: For qualified employees who enjoy their work, and for the success of our clients!