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Students and graduates are always welcome to do an internship at Drees & Sommer. It does not matter whether you wish to complete a voluntary or obligatory internship: We offer exciting projects in a variety of industries! For example, you can assist our project management team in building a new library or shopping centre, or do some of the preliminary work for our experts with regard to a Green Building certification. No matter what you would like to contribute: We offer you an opportunity to obtain in-depth practical knowledge!

You accompany us to meetings, come to the construction site or clients, and contribute to the success of our projects. At the same time, the daily work routine also consists of copying acquisition documents or doing research - an internship at Drees & Sommer offers a variety of tasks that are not that different from the daily routine of a project manager.

In principle, internships may be completed in all divisions of the company. Of course, we also provide commensurate compensation for your work performance during the internship.