Drees & Sommer real estate consulting provides numerous services to support private and public property owners, investors and tenants.

Our real estate investment consulting service scrutinizes the cost and income situation of your established properties and analyzes how these will trend over coming years. The findings form a sound foundation for an empirically backed action strategy.  

Our technical due diligence provides concrete data on the property qualities and quantities, on potential for value-add, and on risks and deal-breakers. Analysis of life cycle costs identifies required investment and renewal. In this way, you can see a forecast of your properties’ performance for years ahead and make early decisions regarding costs and budgets. The goal of our facility management consulting service is to achieve a long-term increase in the yield of your properties and to preserve their value in the long term.

We have established experts working in the field of technical asset management. Their professional analysis of all capital-related factors deliver measures with which you can actively enhance the performance of your properties.

By providing consultation on the economic, technical, ecological and organizational optimization of established buildings, our experts improve the return on properties and entire portfolios, for example as part of a building and portfolio strategy.

strategic property consulting supports local government in maximizing the benefit from their owner-occupied properties. This potential – from which your authority benefits both in the short and long term – frees up funding for other purposes.

We meet the requirements of lessors and users with a special user and tenant management service. As a reliable contact for all parties, we ensure smooth closure of long-lasting contracts between the principal or investor and the tenant.

In the course of Public-Private Partnership consultations we examine the opportunities and risks involved in cooperation between public and private partners. Public-sector clients can be sure that all criteria have been examined and that they will have a strong long-term partner at their side. Investors have the security of a well-designed investor contract.